Our Quality

Basement Frost Walls

All of our homes have insulated lower level exterior walls, including vapour barrier and electrical plugs. When it comes time to finish the lower level you do not have cut open the vapour barrier to install the electrical plugs. Plus, you will have a nice warm area even though it is not...
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Multiple Large Basement Windows

At Gordon Homes we believe your entire home should be filled with natural light, so we invest in the installation of larger windows in the lower level.

Basement Drywall Access

We plan ahead to make it easier for homeowners to finish their basements. Instead of lugging drywall down the stairs, possibly causing interior damage, Gordon Homes will install a basement access panel in the garage for easy passage of sheets of drywall. In the case an access panel...
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Full 8-foot Basement Ceilings

Gordon Homes’ basements are a full 8 feet (or larger), from the finished concrete floor to the underside of the trusses. Not only does this create a large, open feeling in the lower level development, it also makes for easy drywall installation.

Upgraded Interior Trims

When it comes to the interior finishes in a Gordon Homes development, homeowners appreciate the extra steps taken on things such as window and door trims. Gordon Homes takes pride in contracting some of the best trades in the business to ensure this quality.

Open Web Trusses Combined with a Steel Beam

In most cases this allows us the absence of bulk heads in the lower level, and usually one post. In all cases, the post is strategically placed so that it is hidden in a wall.

Limited Lifetime Shingles

Although homeowners cannot see their shingles from the inside, the damage if they fail is definitely noticeable. Gordon Homes never cut corners, especially when it comes to the integrity of the roof and everything inside the home.

Acrylic Stucco

This durable exterior option allows homeowners an unlimited selection of colour choice and provides a maintenance-free exterior for many years.

Triple Pane Windows

Gordon Homes strives to create a sanctuary for each of our customers. While the R-value of triple pane windows is negotiable, one feature is certain: they are much quieter than dual pane windows.

Fireplace Thermostat

Each Gordon Homes show home comes with a thermostat for the fireplace, rather than an on/off switch. There are a couple benefits from this. First, if a homeowner accidentally leaves the house, forgetting to turn off the fireplace, the thermostat will regulate the heat so the home...
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Custom Shelving

No wire shelving will ever be found in a Gordon Homes home (unless requested)! Wood shelving is much stronger and holds more weight than wire, and wire units allow debris, dust or smaller items to fall through.

Rebar in Basement Slab

Many homeowners assume there is rebar in the basement concrete slab. The truth is, many builders do not put rebar in the basement floors, foundation footings or garage floors. Rest assured: Gordon Homes is unlike other builders! We always use rebar in our basement slabs.

30 MPA Garage Floor and Driveway

30 MPA is a stronger mix of concrete. While it doesn’t quite eliminate shaling, it will prevent road salt from causing damage.

Recirculating Water Line

In today’s environmentally friendly world most faucets have water saving features, which is why in many houses it takes so long for the tap water to get hot. All of our homes have an extra water line added on the hot side. This allows for a recirculating pump to be added for a minimal...
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2” x 6” Garage Walls

The building code dictates that garages can be built with 2” x 4” walls. At Gordon Homes, we build all of our garages with 2” x 6” material. If and when you want to finish your garage you will now be able to insulate to an R20 value.

Electrical Panel in the Mechanical Room

An often overlooked feature! Gordon Homes always put the electrical panel in the mechanical room. This allows for a professionally developed lower level without the unsightly panel in the middle of a finished room.

Fibreglass Exterior Doors

All of our exterior entry doors are fibreglass. Why? Plain and simple — they do not dent.

R50 Attic Insulation

We always go the extra mile and fill the attic to R50. Also, when allowed by design, we always put the attic hatch in the garage. Never again will you have insulation on your floors because someone had to go in the attic!

Exposed Aggregate Driveway and Sidewalks

Unless the client requests otherwise, we feel exposed driveways look better.

PWF Treated Basement Plates

When we complete walls on the lower level we always install PWF treated wood. In the event there is ever moisture on the concrete you never have to worry about the lumber rotting.